Help Transform our City through a School-Church Partnership

As the church in Greater Charlotte, we have the opportunity to impact the lives of the next generation through our school district. Education is not a For Charlotte network, but rather a focus area of all networks.   We are encouraging all churches in our city to partner with CMS to transform our city one student at a time.   For that reason, For Charlotte is honored to partner with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools to help facilitate school-church partnerships.

There are opportunities for your church to partner with CMS by engaging in activities or providing resources that promote academic achievement and foster strong community connections with children.  Following are examples of services that churches can provide their school partner:

1.   Provide tutor and mentor services
2.   Offer before- and after-school programs for students
3.   Serve as test proctors
4.   Lunch buddy
5.   Reading buddy
6.   Classroom volunteer
7.   Career Coach
8.   Donate funds
9.   Donate goods and services
10.  Support early childhood development and preschool programs
11.  Classroom speaker
12.  Cultural Arts support
13.  Interpreter/translator
14.  Special projects support
15.  Provide programs, such as childcare and daycare services, that make it possible for parents with multiple responsibilities to participate in school activities.
16.  Help children learn about careers and the importance of education.
17.  Provide space for youth-oriented programs of PTA/PTO groups
18.  Help to build community coalitions and collaborations to benefit CMS.
19.  Support classroom teachers through employee recognition activities (volunteer during lunch to provide staff duty free lunch for teachers/staff, encouraging notes, classroom supplies for teachers)

To learn more about how your church can partner with a CMS school, please email us at the information to the right.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a measurable change in our community and the future of our city. Our children deserve a city of citizens who know and understand the impact of serving.


Focus Area Advisor

Rosanna Saladin-Subero
Assistant Director, Community Partnerships
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools





School-Church Partnerships

If your church is interested in learning more about partnering with a school close to your church, please email Rosanna at the email to the right.

The West Charlotte Coalition

The West Charlotte Coalition (For Charlotte’s West Charlotte Network) has a targeted strategy bringing together churches, non-profit organizations, and marketplace leaders in partnership to serve the needs of the 8 Title 1 schools in the 29208 zip code.  To learn more about partnering in West Charlotte, email Marc Dickmann, Executive Pastor of The West Charlotte Coalition at

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2018 State of the City Report
Check out the 2018 State of the City Report