October 6th, 13th, and 20th, 2019

What if Jesus meant that we should love our actual neighbors? This 3-week unified sermon series will launch a city-wide neighboring movement where we will mobilize the collective body of Christ in our city to live out Jesus' command to love your neighbor.

  • The fragility of a city requires the muscularity of the Church. The muscularity of the Church is experienced through the demonstrated unity of the Church.

    - Bishop Claude Alexander, Senior Pastor, The Park Church
  • If we want to see our city transformed, the whole Church needs to get off the bench and get into the game!

    - Casey Crawford, CEO, Movement Mortgage
  • As the Church comes together to read, live and proclaim the Word of God, we are able to be the healing agents our city needs.

    - Nicole Martin, National Cities Leader, American Bible Society
  • Una manera poderosa de compartir el evangelio y glorificar a Dios es servir y empoderar a los necesitados en nuestra comunidad.

    - Wendy Pascual, Co-Founder, Latino Faith & Health Coalition
  • My hope for Charlotte, is that we can transform from a city of churches, to a city with a church.

    - Chris Payne, Senior Pastor, New City Church
Learning and Understanding the Most Pressing Needs of Charlotte

What would happen if the collective body of Christ in Charlotte engaged the needs of our city using shared, trusted research? The State of the City Report was created to be this trusted resource to equip the Church to understand the needs of our city, and catalyze the Church to meet those needs as a unified body of Christ.


FORCLT provides a city-wide mobilization platform facilitating churches and nonprofits to work together to meet the most pressing needs of the city.

Check out the
2019 State of the City Report
Check out the 2019 State of the City Report