Hope For Afghans

Serving Afghan Families in Charlotte

As you know, the Taliban takeover of the government in Afghanistan has led to a massive refugee crisis for displaced Afghans, with over 50,000 refugees in the US alone. Charlotte has already received 300+ Afghans, with the possibility of more coming, with your assistance. These are highly vulnerable families that are in need of hope, help, and resources.

To that end, we are asking you and your church to prayerfully consider joining the Hope for Afghans initiative, a collaborative effort to mobilize The Church  around this time-sensitive need. FORCLT has once again been called on to help organize this effort, but we need your help.

Did you know, that after an Afghan arrives to Charlotte and they reach their initial 90 days, their resources drastically lessen, if not end completely? We know that His Church is completely equipped for such a time as this. A church can step in post 90 days as a mentoring team to an Afghan family that is strategically paired for your team. Your teams role would consist of relationally assisting them to adapt to our culture & being more equipped of understanding our systems and resources. Some of the areas you may assist with could include;

  1. Assistance in getting the adults enrolled in an ESL class
  2. Transportation to appointments
  3. Assistance in getting in their temporary permit driving hours
  4. Budgeting money
  5. Filtering through postal mail
  6. Understanding how to use household appliances; washer, dryer, stove, etc.
  7. Taking the children to school


Every Afghan family will have different needs and desires that your church can assist in meeting. You can do this while creating long lasting relationships with your family and showing them the love of Christ through your consistency. 

To get started, please complete the Church Interest Form linked below. By filling out this form, we will start a conversation with you to help orient you and your church on how you can care for an Afghan family and we will connect you to all the resources you need to be successful. We look forward to working with you in this capacity!

Jesus said, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me…Truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of my brothers you did it to me.”  The Church is being asked to step up in a time of great need to live out this teaching of Jesus and do as the Apostle Paul teaches in Romans 12, to extend hospitality to strangers. 


For any questions on this initiative, please email us at [email protected]


If you are interested in supporting this initiative financially, below is a list of the different resources your funding will be supporting;

      1. Affordable housing
      2. Bus passes
      3. Grocery store gift cards
      4. Walmart gift cards
      5. Employment for Afghan women
      6. Development of Afghan employment opportunities & daycare



Serving over 300 families relocating to CLT

Hope For Afghans
For any questions email
[email protected]

More Details and FAQ's on How Your Church Can Get Involved




Churches Engaged in this Initiative
  1. 704 Church
  2. Christ Covenant Church
  3. Christ Lutheran Church
  4. Cross Park Church
  5. Elevation & Elevation Outreach
  6. Grace Collective Church
  7. New City Church
  8. Oakland Baptist Church
  9. Rock Hill Church
  10. Stonebridge Church Community
  11. The Park Church
  12. Vive Charlotte Church
  13. Westminster Presbyterian Church Rock Hill