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Over the next few weeks, our newly arrived Afghan neighbors will be moving to temporary housing in appropriately 200 communities across the US. Houses of worship can have a great impact by offering any facilities that may support the temporary housing goals. (List of 200 communities linked here) Options include dormitory facilities, church rectories, campground facilities, etc. that can help house people for 3-6 month periods. Specific Mecklenburg County / NC needs listed below. For all general information, please visit Refugee Processing Center (

Within Mecklenburg County


Below are resources to help your local congregation in preparing for and addressing the needs of approximately 1,200 Afghan’s coming into Mecklenburg County.

CRRA, Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency, is working diligently to plan for the upcoming Afghan’s entering into the Carolinas. Here is their current direction for us;

“Our agency has yet to receive Afghans. We have been told to prepare for up to 100 in the next 6 months. This means that rather than an urgent issue, this will be an ongoing issue and would use the communities support long-term. While we are waiting to be allocated Afghans, we have been receiving a large number of refugees from other places around the globe. These cases will not stop while we accept Afghans.”

If interested in getting involved in any of the ways listed below, please email Madeline from CRRA, at
Most pressing and urgent needs:
    • Housing: They are looking for all avenues of a housing solution;
      • An extra bedroom in a home,
      • A free or discounted extended stay room in a hotel,
      • Potential cosigners for apartments,
      • A guest home,
      • Airbnb rentals, etc.
    • Household Items: They are at capacity for household items but are in need of;
      • Walmart gift cards
      • Food Lion gift cards, etc.
    • Furniture Items: They have a need for the following items;
      • Twin beds
      • Queen / full beds
      • Cribs
      • Sofas (no sofa beds)
      • Dining room table and chairs

**Anyone with the ability to deliver their furniture donation would be greatly appreciated since they currently do not have a truck to transport items. Address for drop off or mailing in donations: 5009 Monroe Rd., Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28205

Other Helpful Resources:


More to come as the days unfold. Stay tuned…



Below are resources to help your congregation in addressing the coronavirus.  If you have questions or additional resources that can help other churches, please email us at

  • Follow along with all executive orders that NC implements, HERE
  • To keep up with the impact that COVID-19 has within our CMS schools, please visit their CMS dashboard HERE
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2019 State of the City Report
Check out the 2019 State of the City Report