Soul Care

A soul care journey for Pastoral Leaders

Life has a way of draining everything out of us slowly until we wake up one day and realize that we are living dangerously tired and disconnected, not just physically but deep down in the most sacred place of all: your SOUL.

We want to help pastoral leaders tend and care for their soul in a safe, confidential space that renews their spirit. The “Off the Grid” Soul Care Cohort is an opportunity for senior pastors to consistently confront, engage, and replenish their soul throughout 2024. Guided by the wisdom of Dr. Barbara Peacock and Tim Reist, pastors will journey deeper into their connection with God and themselves.

The goal is to:

  • -Host gatherings where pastors are uplifted
  • -Help pastors reflect on their spiritual journey
  • -Build community among fellow pastors
  • -Facilitate transformation through time-tested biblical practices.


For any questions on this initiative, please email us at [email protected]


For any questions email
[email protected]