To Unite the Church
to Transform our City.


Our story was birthed out of a shared burden of many pastors in our city. Tired of the deep division, competition and territorialism we saw in Charlotte’s church culture, we began to pray about what God might do if we reframed the way the church in our city approached missional engagement. Instead of competing with each other for people and resources, we asked the question; What if we worked together to seek the good of our city? This began a process of praying, building relationships and trust, and learning how this vision could be realized in Charlotte. And over the next few years of countless meetings (along with countless cups of coffee), the idea that was FORCLT, became a reality.

As FORCLT, we believe we are better together than apart. This unity is not just a practical tool to for effective ministry; it is rooted at the core of what we believe as Christians. Just as our Lord Jesus prays in John 17:20-23, when the body of Christ is truly “one,” the world will know that the Father sent Jesus into the world and that the Father loves the world as He loves His one and only Son.


As the For Charlotte Mission Network grew, we have become a decentralized, gospel-centered, church-driven network of networks in Greater Charlotte, seeking the peace of the Queen City together. The primary purpose of our network is to connect and equip the church for mission in Charlotte. We accomplish this mission through the following strategy:

Mission Networks

FORCLT mobilizes networks of churches and leaders around city-focused mission efforts. Our networks form around either geographic proximity or a specific cause and need in the city.

Mission Platform

FORCLT provides a citywide mobilization platform facilitating churches and nonprofits to work together to meet the most pressing needs of the city.

Mission Resources

FORCLT maintains a posture of learning allowing us to better understand the real needs of Charlotte and create resources to equip the church to most effectively meet those needs.

Mission Gatherings

FORCLT convenes and equips church leaders in Charlotte for unity in Christ’s mission through a series of network gatherings, micro-conferences and other equipping events, either directly hosted by For Charlotte or through our network partners.

Check out the
2018 State of the City Report
Check out the 2018 State of the City Report