Equipping the Church to Reach Apartment Dwellers

Research shows us that only 5% of apartment dwellers attend church. This makes those living in apartments the “least reached” segment of people in our society. Which, by definition, makes apartment communities of the largest and most condensed mission fields in our city. With this in mind, the purpose of the For Charlotte Apartment Network is to connect and equip churches and leaders in the Greater Charlotte area to understand Apartment Communities in the city and how to effectively reach our cities apartment dwellers.

As the local leader of Apartment Life, we are focused on serving those living in apartments. But what we have learned is that to do this effectively, it takes a unified effort of the whole church in our city. If you are interested in being a part of this conversation, please email me at the information to the right.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,


Focus Area Advisor

Dave Hickman
Regional President
Apartment Life

Check out the
2018 State of the City Report
Check out the 2018 State of the City Report