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Why the FORCLT Church Planting Network?  

The Church in Charlotte is Declining – Charlotte is a city in need of new church starts. Why plant a church in a city of churches? Despite some churches that are growing and multiplying, the Christian population in Charlotte is declining rapidly. On top of that, our city’s population is increasing rapidly, while many established local churches are reporting flat or declining engagement. This presents an opportunity for new churches to help saturate our city with the gospel in the ever-changing landscape of Charlotte. Additionally, church planting is the most effective evangelistic tool in history.

The City of Charlotte is Divided – Based on extensive research, as communicated in the FORCLT State of the City Report, our city suffers from deep division (racially, socio-economically, denominationally, and more). This division must be disrupted with new paradigms that bring the broader church in our city together to meet the most pressing needs of our city. A robust and open church-planting network provides such a paradigm.

Because of all these reasons, many sending churches and planting networks have identified Charlotte as a strategic location for planting. As more church planters move to Charlotte, they are finding that the city truly does offer incredible opportunity to reach new people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.   But that’s not all they’re finding.

Church planters are also finding a lack of connection among church planters. Several factors lead to this void; denominational discrepancies, differences in planting models, simply not knowing who else is planting, etc. The main cause, however, is a lack of intentional networking around the factors that pertain most to church planters despite their differences. These factors are primarily city dynamics about which all planters would benefit from knowing and would easily supersede any differences in denomination or strategy.

For all the reasons, the goal of the FORCLT Church Planting network is to build both relational and operational unity in our city with the missional trajectory of church planting.


If you are a church planter in the Greater Charlotte area, and everything above sounds appealing to you, please join us at our next meeting listed to the right.


Network Leaders

Quinn Rodgers

Young Adult Minister

The Park Church

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Barrett Berry

Lead Pastor

Empowered Living Church

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Stephen Knopp


Multiply Church

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Network Established Date: November, 2018
Check out the
2019 State of the City Report
Check out the 2019 State of the City Report