Congregations For Kids

The Church United For Foster Care & Adoption

Unfortunately, there are many broken families in Mecklenburg County, and it is always the children that bear the brunt of the impact.  We believe it is the responsibility of the church to be there for each of these vulnerable.   This is the goal of Congregations for Kids.

The Congregation for Kids Network (CFK) is a collaborative effort of the For Charlotte Mission Network and Mecklenburg County DSS, uniting churches for the foster care and adoption needs of Mecklenburg County.   We do this through facilitating Weekend Miracles, a program that connects churches with the children in the foster and adoption system, creating mentoring relationship for these children.

Our network meets quarterly as a whole, with smaller serving team meetings between network gatherings.   We invite you to emails us or join us at our next CFK quarterly meeting to find out more about how you and your church can be a part of loving and serving the children in the foster and adoption system.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Network Leader

Amanda Goedert
Weekend Miracles Program Director
Congregations for Kids Network

Next Network Meeting:


Movement Center
2225 Freedom Dr.,
Charlotte NC 28208

Date and Time:


Network Established Date: 2009






The KidSave program allows CFK Network church members to connect and develop meaningful relationships with the children in the foster and adoption system.  Check back for further updates on how your church can participate in the KidSave program.

Charlotte Orphan Sunday

The CFK Network is committed to finding a healthy home for every child in the foster and adoption system. Every fall, CFK network churches participate in a city-wide Orphan Sunday raising awareness for the foster and adoption needs of Mecklenburg County, focusing on recruiting potential foster or adoptive parents from within network churches. See Church Orphan Sunday card below. Feel free to print and distribute at your church.

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